Injection Molding

IM Machine

IM Machine:

  • 9 computer controlled fully automatic machines
  • Range: 15-100 Tons
  • Machines from reputed companies like: Goldcoin, Electronica, Kawaguchi,MEIKI.


Industrial Oven:

The trays containing plastic granules are placed in the oven to heat them up and remove any trace of moisture.

Hopper Dryer IM

Hopper Dryer:

Mounted directly at the machine throat to eliminate the possibility of contamination or re-absorption of moisture when transporting from central drying location to machine hopper.

Cooling tower

Cooling Tower:

It is a central cooling system to produce cool water which is supplied to the Injection Molding machines to cool the die to solidify the plastic into the desired shape.

Chiller for IM


It is put to use whenever additional cooling is required.



Used to properly mix the color with the plastic to get a uniform color for your product.

Screen Printer


In order to further enhance your product's aesthetic appearance, we offer screen and pad printing services also.

Vacuum Metalizing

VM Plant

Vacuum Metalizing Machine:

36" XL Vacuum Metalizing plant used to coat products placed in the metalizing chamber along with the coating material.

Auto Spray Plant

Auto Spray Plant- Advantages over conventional dip system

Down Rod Assembly and Machining

Complete line setup with drill, punch machines & grinders to do machining & assembly of the Down Rod.



Punch Machine Drill Machine

Punch Machine

Drill Machine

Tool Room

All molds are developed and maintained under the guidance of well experienced personnel.



Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine

Milling Machine

Surface Grinder

Milling Machine

Surface Grinder

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